10 Min. Instant Brightening Mask -12%
After 10 minutes, your complexion is magically more radiant and luminous, provide an instant light-e..
81.50$ cad 71.72$ cad
14 Days Brightening Serum -12%
Intense Brightening Serum for the correction of sun damage and pigmented skin. After 14 days, the co..
101.00$ cad 88.88$ cad
24H Hydrating Fluid -12%
24H Hydrating Fluid - 400mlLike a fresh sherbet, Hydra-Energizing Milk moisturizes and vivifies the ..
64.00$ cad 56.32$ cad
Our exclusive fresh and clean fragrance technology awakens your senses leaving your skin deliciously..
41.95$ cad 37.76$ cad
30 Days Brightening Day Cream -12%
In only 30 days, your complexion is visibly brighter and more luminous, thanks to the powerful skin ..
92.00$ cad 80.96$ cad
Alaska - Hands Sanitizer Gel 250ml -7%
Alaska - Hands Sanitizer Gel 250ml Fresh alcohol-based hand sanitizer effective in dest..
12.00$ cad 11.16$ cad
3D Visible Lifting Serum -15%
Face & NeckG.M. Collin introduces the latest anti-aging serum to give the skin an immediatly "li..
102.00$ cad 86.70$ cad
Gehwol GERLAN Hand Cream (pump) 500ml -15%
Consists of a special combination of ingredients including aloe vera, jojoba oil, tapioca starch and..
75.90$ cad 64.52$ cad
Marvis - Toothpaste Whitening Mint 75ml -10%
"Made using old-fashioned manufacturing methods to result in a richer paste, Marvis Whitening Mint T..
12.00$ cad 10.80$ cad
Omega Shaving Brush Stand Luxurious #444 w. Razor Holder & Stainless Cup New -5%
DESCRIPTIONThis luxurious brush holder keeps your shaving brush dry and clean. For the longevity of ..
75.00$ cad 71.25$ cad
OMEGA Syntex Shaving Brush Pink (M) New -5%
OMEGA Syntex Shaving Brush Pink (M)..
15.00$ cad 14.25$ cad
Omega Shaving Brush Stand Mat Black w.Razor Holder New -5%
Omega Shaving Brush Stand Mat Black w.Razor Holder..
35.00$ cad 33.25$ cad
OMEGA Syntex Shaving Brush #615 New -5%
DESCRIPTIONOmega Super Badger Shaving Brush 615. The Super Badger is made with finer and softer badg..
48.00$ cad 45.60$ cad
OMEGA Syntex Shaving Brush #4665 Carbone Handle New -5%
OMEGA Syntex Shaving Brush #4665 Carbone Handle..
65.00$ cad 61.75$ cad
Crème Lavante Douce -12%
Ultra-rich 2-in-1 body care, soap free, for the face, body and hair. Enriched with nourishing active..
37.50$ cad 33.00$ cad
Ridha Acné Soin (intensive treatment acne prone skin) 60ml -12%
The Acné-soin Serum acts on the first application in order to re-establish promptly a pure skin and ..
43.00$ cad 37.84$ cad
Soin Apaisant Après Rasage -12%
Calming and repairing, "Soin Apaisant Après-Rasage" hydrates skin, reducing razor burn. Trace elemen..
59.50$ cad 52.36$ cad
Déodorant 24 Heures -12%
Anti-perspirant and refreshing, Déodorant 24 Heures helps to regulate perspiration all day long. Its..
36.50$ cad 32.12$ cad
Rasage Précis -12%
Protective and ultra-comfortable, Rasage Précis gel improves razor glide, protects the skin and prev..
27.00$ cad 23.76$ cad