Detangler Shampoo 250ml

-30% Detangler Shampoo  250ml

The Detangling Shampoo with Lavender leaves the hair well-hydrated, silky and non-greasy, with a soft and calming smell of lavender. The essential oil of lavender, its main ingredient, also helps to prevent lice and asphyxiate those already present. This unbelievable shampoo is very gentle that it could be used daily for both kids and adults.


  • Prevents lice appearance
  • Can be used daily or during the periods of lice presence
  • Detangler for curly, thick or dry hair
  • Reduces hair frizz
  • Leaves the hair very silky and non-greasy
  • Hydrates scalp and hair
  • Non-frothy shampoo
  • No need for conditioner
  • Makes it easier to comb the hair
  • Soft and calming lavender smell
  • For the whole family

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