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Algologie Baume de la Presqu'île - Global Anti-aging Eye & Lip Contour Balm 15ml

A targeted high-performance treatment for full, plump lips and eyes that radiate youth. ..

74.00$ cad

Algologie Baume des Vagues - Hydra-regenerating Balm 50ml

“Cold cream” skincare that restores the balance of alipidic skins and strengthens the skin structure..

61.50$ cad

Algologie Baume du Jardin Marin - Revitalising & Nourishing Balm 150ml

A rich and creamy texture to nourish, protect and energise the skin. Ideal for skin looking for comf..

59.00$ cad

Algologie Baume du Rivage - Resurfacing Night Balm 50ml

Thanks to AHA, this night balm exfoliates and smoothes the skin surface while improving sk..

105.50$ cad

Algologie Bulles Marines - Oxygenating & Revitalising Mask 40ml -15%

Algologie Bulles Marines - Oxygenating & Revitalising Mask 40ml

A creamy, fizzy mask that contains a mineral polymer which form oxygen bubbles. A cocktail..

72.50$ cad 61.63$ cad

Algologie Centella Asiatica Gel 50ml

This intense care reduces the appearance of skin imperfections (fine lines, wrinkles..

79.00$ cad

Algologie Crème de la Presqu'île - Global Anti-aging Cream 50ml -15%

Algologie Crème de la Presqu'île - Global Anti-aging Cream 50ml

Global action against all the signs of aging of mature and demanding skin. Instruction..

110.00$ cad 93.50$ cad

Algologie Crème des Dunes - Anti-pollution & Soothing Cream 50ml

Like a caress for the skin, this silky cream comforts the skin the minute it goes on and p..

73.00$ cad

Algologie Crème des Vagues - Hydra Tender Cream 50ml

A light, velvety cream that melts into the skin and refreshes it instantly. Instructio..

71.50$ cad

Algologie Crème du Jardin Marin - Revitalising Hydro-protecting Cream 50ml

A rich, luscious, deep moisturizing cream that combines the power of Algo 4® with botanical extracts..

73.00$ cad

Algologie Crème du Littoral - Protective Hand & Nail Cream 75ml

Rich in nourishing ingredients, it protects, repairs and softens the hands while strengthe..

35.50$ cad

Algologie Crème du Rivage - Radiance Firming & Lifting Cream 50ml

Day after day, wrinkles appear smoother, the skin feels firmer, the complexion is brighter..

103.50$ cad

Algologie Dunes Cleansing Duo (pkg)

Anti-pollution Gentle Cleansing Milk 20 mL + Anti-pollution Freshness Lotion 200 mL...

78.50$ cad

Algologie Eau des Embruns - Remineralising & Revitalising Water 150ml

A delicately scented sea mist, rich in Gulf Stream waters, to remineralise and energise your skin by..

37.50$ cad

Algologie Élixir de Pen Lan - Precious Oil Intensive Revitalisation 30ml

This concentrated Algo 4® elixir  delivers all the benefits of this Pen Lan coastline..

104.00$ cad