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Energising Essences -15%

Energising Essences

Refreshing and dermo-energising water to achieve skin which is immediately vitalised and toned. ENER..

79.50$ cad 67.58$ cad

Huile Élixir -15%

Huile Élixir

Elixir dry oil repairs, nourishes, softens and beautifies the body, face and hair, while ensuring lo..

64.00$ cad 54.40$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst Regenerating Serum

"Super moisturizing and regenerating oils to help relieve dryness. Ideal purifying and moisturizing ..

53.20$ cad

Universal Vital Essence -15%

Universal Vital Essence

Universal Vital Essence ..

54.00$ cad 45.90$ cad

Vital Energizing Body Essences -15%

Vital Energizing Body Essences

This magical gel cream owes its powers to its Essential Oils, which energise cutaneous cells. The fu..

100.00$ cad 85.00$ cad