Slimness & Firmness

Slimness & Firmness

Slimness & Firmness

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3D Visible Lifting Cream -15%

3D Visible Lifting Cream

Face & NeckG.M. Collin introduces the latest anti-aging cream to give the skin an immediately "l..

98.00$ cad 83.30$ cad

A.G.E. Total Defence -15%

A.G.E. Total Defence

Anti-aging moisturizer combining 8 antioxidants and 5 peptides to combat all the visible signs of ag..

125.00$ cad 106.25$ cad

Body Firming Cream Comfort -15%

Body Firming Cream Comfort

A rich and silky-feel remodelling and toning cream which firms skin after pregnancy -- the bust, arm..

101.50$ cad 86.28$ cad

Bota peptide 5 Concentrate -15%

Bota peptide 5 Concentrate

A technological breakthrough product to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Bo..

132.00$ cad 112.20$ cad

Celluli Ultra Performance -15%

Celluli Ultra Performance

Celluli Ultra Performance is a cellulite corrector that visibly corrects the appearance of dimpled s..

61.50$ cad 52.28$ cad

Daily Ceramide Comfort -15%

Daily Ceramide Comfort

A daily capsule to nourish and reduce visible signs of aging while minimizing moisture loss. Th..

116.00$ cad 98.60$ cad

Derm Renewal BOOSTER -15%

Derm Renewal BOOSTER

A resurfacing skin booster for dull and dreary skin that reveals the next layer of the skin and make..

74.00$ cad 62.90$ cad

Derm Renewal Cream

A retexturizing cream for dull and dreary skin, which exfoliates to remove dead skin cells from the ..

74.00$ cad

Diamond Cream -15%

Diamond Cream

Diamond Cream..

240.00$ cad 204.00$ cad

GM Collin: Daily Ceramide Comfort 20 caps -15%

GM Collin: Daily Ceramide Comfort 20 caps

This highly practical capsule with exquisite texture and scent will give the skin a silky smooth tex..

32.00$ cad 27.20$ cad

Marine Collagen Revitalizing Mist -15%

Marine Collagen Revitalizing Mist

Marine Collagen Revitalizing Mist - 50mlYou are looking for IMMEDIATE radiance, INTENSE hydration an..

45.00$ cad 38.25$ cad

Marine Revitalizing Cream -15%

Marine Revitalizing Cream

Marine algae is an inexhaustible source of youth provoking nutrients essential for skin revitalizati..

98.00$ cad 83.30$ cad

Mirific Bust -15%

Mirific Bust

Mirific Bust..

56.00$ cad 47.60$ cad

Native Collagen Gel -15%

Native Collagen Gel

Native collagen offers superior results in skin soothing and moisturizing.BENEFITS: A visible reduct..

96.00$ cad 81.60$ cad

Nelly de Vuyst Firming Gel

 Ideal for the intimate feminine area lacking firmness notably during menopause or after pregna..

68.50$ cad