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14 Days Brightening Serum -15%

14 Days Brightening Serum

Intense Brightening Serum for the correction of sun damage and pigmented skin. After 14 days, the co..

110.00$ cad 93.50$ cad

3D Visible Lifting Serum 50ml -15%

3D Visible Lifting Serum 50ml

Specifically formulated for the face and neck, the 3D VISIBLE LIFTING SERUM & CREAM offer an eff..

120.00$ cad 102.00$ cad

Age Signes Corrector -15%

Age Signes Corrector

This incredible "instant wrinkle eraser" targets each individual wrinkle for a visible “Lifting” eff..

78.00$ cad 66.30$ cad

Age Signes Repair -15%

Age Signes Repair

A genuine intensive Rejuvenation treatment course, Age SIGNeS Repair is a high-concentration serum, ..

220.50$ cad 187.43$ cad

Algologie Élixir de Pen Lan - Precious Oil Intensive Revitalisation 30ml

This concentrated Algo 4® elixir  delivers all the benefits of this Pen Lan coastline..

104.00$ cad

Algologie Sérum de la Presqu'île - Global Anti-aging Serum 30ml

Targeted action on loss of density to keep the skin youthful. Instructions: ..

110.00$ cad

Algologie Sérum des Dunes - Anti-pollution & Soothing Serum 30ml

A true S.O.S. treatment, this comforting serum envelops the skin in a cocoon of ..

85.00$ cad

Algologie Sérum des Vagues - Hydra-replenishing Serum 30ml

This serum quenches and soothes even the driest skin upon application and restores the ski..

88.00$ cad

Algologie Sérum du Jardin Marin - Intensive Hydro-protecting Serum 30ml

This serum combines the power of Algo 4® and hyaluronic acid to protect the skin against e..

84.00$ cad

Bio Love Bi-Phase Bio Makeup Cleanser 150ml -5%

Bio Love Bi-Phase Bio Makeup Cleanser 150ml

Silky, alcohol-free bi-phase makeup remover that perfectly removes makeup from the face and eyes wit..

29.99$ cad 28.49$ cad

Bio Love Bio+Regenerating Serum 30ml -5%

Bio Love Bio+Regenerating Serum 30ml

Ultra-regenerating serum to prevent signs of aging of the face and décolleté. A true concentrate of ..

69.99$ cad 66.49$ cad

Bio Love Serum Bio Love by France D'Amour 30ml -5%

Bio Love Serum Bio Love by France D'Amour 30ml

Light fluid serum composed of extracts and essential oils of the highest quality using the first col..

49.95$ cad 47.45$ cad

Bio Love Vitamin C Repair Serum 30ml -5%

Bio Love Vitamin C Repair Serum 30ml

Melting and ultra-regenerating serum specially adapted for the face and décolleté. Enriched with emo..

59.99$ cad 56.99$ cad

Concentré Anti-Soif Clarté -15%

Concentré Anti-Soif Clarté

A lightening, hydrating essence with Derma-WhiteBerry Complex, Payot Concentre Anti-Soif Clarte ligh..

93.50$ cad 79.48$ cad

Concentré Jeunesse Clarté -15%

Concentré Jeunesse Clarté

A specifically formulated serum for the daily care of mature skin in need of radiance and/or skin wi..

124.00$ cad 105.40$ cad