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14 Days Brightening Serum -12%

14 Days Brightening Serum

Intense Brightening Serum for the correction of sun damage and pigmented skin. After 14 days, the co..

101.00$ cad 88.88$ cad

3D Visible Lifting Serum -15%

3D Visible Lifting Serum

Face & NeckG.M. Collin introduces the latest anti-aging serum to give the skin an immediatly "li..

102.00$ cad 86.70$ cad

Age Signes Corrector -12%

Age Signes Corrector

This incredible "instant wrinkle eraser" targets each individual wrinkle for a visible “Lifting” eff..

72.00$ cad 63.36$ cad

Age Signes Repair -12%

Age Signes Repair

A genuine intensive Rejuvenation treatment course, Age SIGNeS Repair is a high-concentration serum, ..

204.00$ cad 179.52$ cad

Concentré Anti-Soif Clarté -12%

Concentré Anti-Soif Clarté

A lightening, hydrating essence with Derma-WhiteBerry Complex, Payot Concentre Anti-Soif Clarte ligh..

93.50$ cad 82.28$ cad

Concentré Jeunesse Clarté -12%

Concentré Jeunesse Clarté

A specifically formulated serum for the daily care of mature skin in need of radiance and/or skin wi..

124.00$ cad 109.12$ cad

Diamond Serum -15%

Diamond Serum

Anti-aging serum combining luxury and cutting-edge technology, formulated with precious and effectiv..

240.00$ cad 204.00$ cad

Firming Lifting Serum -12%

Firming Lifting Serum

Firming Lifting Serum visibly rejuvenates the face, thanks to its instant firming and lifting action..

89.50$ cad 78.76$ cad

GF Advanced Repair Serum -15%

GF Advanced Repair Serum

A serum that reverses the visible sign of aging. A  scientific breakthrough combining advanced ..

160.00$ cad 136.00$ cad

GM Collin: City D-Tox Serum    30ml -15%

GM Collin: City D-Tox Serum 30ml

GM Collin: City D-Tox Serum    30ml ..

80.00$ cad 68.00$ cad

Hydramucine Optimal Serum -15%

Hydramucine Optimal Serum

Provides intense immediate and long lasting moisturization. Reinforces the skin's moisture barrier b..

68.00$ cad 57.80$ cad

Hydrosmose Serum -12%

Hydrosmose Serum

The Hydrosmose (water osmosis) serum breathes new life into skin which is in need of moisture, throu..

89.50$ cad 78.76$ cad

Janssen Ampoule Face Contour Fluid  3x2ml -20%

Janssen Ampoule Face Contour Fluid 3x2ml

The Fluid Contour Firming contains peptides stimulating the elastic, a true lifting for the contour ..

19.98$ cad 15.98$ cad

Janssen Detox Fluid  3x2ml -20%

Janssen Detox Fluid 3x2ml

Concentrated detox support for the skin.Stimulates the cellular detoxification systems.Prevents oxid..

19.98$ cad 15.98$ cad

Janssen Epigenetic Serum  10ml -20%

Janssen Epigenetic Serum 10ml

Active serum with an in-depth pre-aging effect. Preserves the youthfulness of the skin and makes it ..

50.00$ cad 40.00$ cad