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My Payot Concentré Éclat  (Serum) -10%

My Payot Concentré Éclat (Serum)

Concentrated with vitamin C and antioxidant superfruits, this face serum offers a boost to dull and ..

70.50$ cad 63.45$ cad

My Payot Gelée (Jelly) -10%

My Payot Gelée (Jelly)

My Payot Day Jelly, the anti-fatigue glare of normal to combination skin.Because skins with mixed te..

60.50$ cad 54.45$ cad

My PAYOT Jour (Daily Radiance Care) 50ml -10%

My PAYOT Jour (Daily Radiance Care) 50ml

My Payot Jour moisturising day cream is the ideal day care for a healthy glow in the morning. This i..

57.50$ cad 51.75$ cad

My Payot Mask -10%

My Payot Mask

Revitalising care for the day-after-the-night-before is just the thing. Everyone has a few minutes (..

46.00$ cad 41.40$ cad

My PAYOT Nuit (Night Repairing Care) 50ml -10%

My PAYOT Nuit (Night Repairing Care) 50ml

The night cream that wraps skin in a pampering cocoon. My Payot Nuit night cream combines extracts o..

62.50$ cad 56.25$ cad

My PAYOT Regard (Radiance Eye Care) 15ml -10%

My PAYOT Regard (Radiance Eye Care) 15ml

Quiet? Sleepless? Partying? How you spend the nights is reflected in your eye contour area. This tre..

47.00$ cad 42.30$ cad

My PAYOT Super Base 30ml -10%

My PAYOT Super Base 30ml

My Payot Super Base sits under any day care and acts as a transparent primer, neither seen nor known..

46.00$ cad 41.40$ cad

New Youth Cream -10%

New Youth Cream

Nouvelle Jeunesse cream boosts the vital functions of cells and offsets the effects of hormone defic..

135.50$ cad 121.95$ cad

New Youth Eye Contour -10%

New Youth Eye Contour

Ideal for looking after the thin skin around the contours of the eyes and in the crows' feet area, N..

88.50$ cad 79.65$ cad

New Youth Lip Care -10%

New Youth Lip Care

Cell regenerating and luscious lip care: a "Rejuvenating" effect, which smoothes lines and moisturis..

81.50$ cad 73.35$ cad

New Youth Mask -10%

New Youth Mask

In 10 minutes, the face brightens up with new life and new radiance! As it is rich in Cellular Life ..

67.50$ cad 60.75$ cad

New Youth Neck et Décolleté Care -10%

New Youth Neck et Décolleté Care

A "Lift-Firmness" effect for the neck and décolleté! This gel cream redefines the neck area and mini..

102.00$ cad 91.80$ cad

New Youth Serum -10%

New Youth Serum

Takes years off your face! This serum diffuses its Rejuvenating active ingredients in the skin, boos..

130.50$ cad 117.45$ cad

New Youth Sun Care -10%

New Youth Sun Care

This unique before and after sun care product prepares skin for sun exposure and repairs it afterwar..

110.00$ cad 99.00$ cad

NORMACNE acne spot treatment -50% Pre-Order

NORMACNE acne spot treatment

NORMACNE acne spot treatment   Active ingredients: Salicylic acid, Thyme extract, Allant..

15.84$ cad 7.92$ cad