Ridha Cosmetiques

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Ridha Acné Soin (intensive treatment acne prone skin) 60ml

The Acné-soin Serum acts on the first application in order to re-establish promptly a pure skin and ..

43.50$ cad

Ridha After-sun regenerating and repair care 120ml

Enriched with a high concentration of healing plants to intensely hydrate and regenerate skin after ..

27.50$ cad

Ridha Antifungus Lotion 30ml

Antifungal LotionHelps prevent mycotic nail infection spreading and relives its symptoms. ACTIV..

26.00$ cad

Ridha Antifungus Powder 100gr

Antifungal PowderHelps prevent mycotic foot infection spreading and relieves its symptoms. ACTI..

20.50$ cad

Ridha Aromatique (soothing, anti-redness) 60ml

Softness immersion especially formulated for sensitive and reactive skin for which anti-inflammatory..

35.00$ cad

Ridha Astringent (oily) 250ml

A distillate of witch hazel enriched with extracts of algae, ivy, lemon, burdock, juniper, camphor, ..

30.50$ cad

Ridha Azulene Body Cream 120ml

The Azulene Cream has been especially formulated to moisturize and protect body epidermis. Enriched ..

15.90$ cad

Ridha Azulene Body Cream 500ml

The Azulene Cream has been especially formulated to moisturize and protect body epidermis. Enriched ..

37.50$ cad

Ridha Azulene Oil with vitamin E (odourless) 250ml

Pure azulene extract has been added this massage oil for its relaxing and soothing properties to get..

16.40$ cad

Ridha Body exfoliant with Sea Sand 250ml

A moisturizing cream made of fine sea sand that eliminates skin impurities and dead cells. The gomma..

32.50$ cad

Ridha Bodyslim - cellulite treatment cream 500ml

Bodyslim is a refining care that offers optimum anti-cellulite performance.  Enriched with a po..

43.30$ cad

Ridha Camomile & Lavender Massage Cream 500ml

Enriched with lavender, camomile and vitamin E, this rich cream with a pH balance to that of the ski..

35.50$ cad

Ridha Cleansing Foam (oily) 120ml

Soft and creamy, this foam promotes a deep cleansing of lifeless and dull skin.  Rich in astrin..

28.00$ cad

Ridha Collagen firming (mature) 250ml

Recommended as soon as fine lines appear, this energetic mask combines numerous active ingredients s..

35.50$ cad

Ridha Complexe No 2 (moisturizing & firming) 30 ml

This high performance concentrate contributes, with its essential oils, to maintain the hydration an..

40.00$ cad